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Restriction Operators :: Where - Simple 2

This sample prints a list of all products that are out of stock. It selects each item from the product list where the number of units in stock equals zero.

function linq2()
    List products = GetProductList();
    $products = getProductList();

    $soldOutProducts = from('$p')->in($products)->where('$p->UnitsInStock == 0')->select('$p');

    echo 'Sold out products:<br />';

    foreach ($soldOutProducts as $product)
        echo $product->ProductName.' is sold out!';


Sold out products:
Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix is sold out!
Alice Mutton is sold out!
Thüringer Rostbratwurst is sold out!
Gorgonzola Telino is sold out!
Perth Pasties is sold out!

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